The Founders

Aligned in the common goal of creating a safe, inclusive and informed space for the NFT and crypto community.
A place where we can share information and tools to teach, learn, create and build



"I have been int the NFT space since Cyrpto Kitties, Crypto Punks and Hashmasks. With Wendrop, I'm here to create an inclusive safe space to learn about crypto and NFTs for the experienced and new comers alike."



I hope Wendrop can help new people come into the spaces safely and help a whole new batch of NFT users feel confidant on there NFT journey.



"As an educator in real life, Phil is looking to help others learn more about the NFT space as a new collector or artist as well as helping OGs continue to grow their reach in the space. Let’s build. "



Theres so much potential with NFTs but the education component is lacking. We hope to be a place where people can learn and do it safely!



After many years behind the keyboard and screen, developing, designing and building, the potential with web3 tech is like nothing else before. Wendrop is how we want to help introduce this to the world.