Friday's With Phil- The Otherside

"Metaverse" is such a buzz word. It gets thrown on road maps and promises great "utility" down the road. The problem is the end of that road is nowhere to be seen. In my opinion, projects have felt "forced" to jam it on their roadmap. To promise more than they ever wanted to in this new digital world. Here's the thing. There will be successful "metaverse" experiences. You just need to find the right one.

As a Bored Ape Yacht Club member from the beginning, the announcement of the Otherside was exciting. Yes it was a "metaverse" build, but it was being done by the best team in the space, Yuga Labs. The sentiment across the industry was the same. WENNNNN OTHERSIDEEEE?!?! As we waited we did what all degens love to do. Speculate. We wondered how we would work in the "metaverse"? What assets would we be buying? How many could we buy and at what cost? When the details emerged, most were bullish. The land would be bought in $ape with each Bored Ape and Mutant Ape holder receiving a free Otherdeed for each asset they held. The only problem. The demand for 100,000 pieces of land where we all wanted more. Gas Wars Engaged. 

After the gas wars ended, there was anger within the NFT space and I'll be honest I was also upset with the process. I was most disappointed in the response by the team and the idea that a new chain was needed after burning so much ETH. But alas, it was here. The Otherside. We now had our land and looked with anticipation to see what artifacts we might have as well as looking for the ever elusive, Koda. BTW, WTH is a KODA?!?! As the land revealed peopled marveled at the art of the lands and once again speculated what was coming. 

Up until this last Wednesday, there had been no firm update from the team and people were antsy. Oh and then we had a massive selloff of BTC, ETH,  and alt coins (RIP Luna). Right on cue, Yuga and more specifically the Otherside delivered a message: Obelisk. Within the Otherside website you can now find out more on the future of this "metaverse". There is talk of collaboration and voyagers emerging, as well as the idea of creators having that chance to build within the Otherside through the SDK (software development kit). The point still remains, when?