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Wendrop strives to be a safe inclusive place for all, a
place where we share free information, tools and
resources to help with your success in the world of NFTs
and crypto currencies.

We believe tools and resources should be free for the
retail user no matter their investment capability or

Wendrop was founded by five people who share a common passion for the NFT and crypto communities. The space changes rapidly and often; it is important to ensure you are receiving current quality information and safe tools. Witnessing a need within the communities for providing education as well as research tools for the new and experienced alike. We didn’t feel like these resources should be gated by costly memberships, rather we want to help build the space by making them accessible for all.

There is also a tremendous need for security and awareness of how to operate safely within the space. Sadly there is just as much mis-information as real information and bots that are manipulative in their nature. We wanted to become the #1 hub for reliable, safe, current information and provide the necessary tools to help aid you in making the best decisions in your NFT and crypto investments.

The founding members have a varied background from education, coaching, computer science, business management, sales management, and media. They soon discovered together with their variety of skill sets and community involvement that they were united in a desire to make those coming to the space feel welcome. The space as a whole does better if we all help one another understand, operate within it and succeed. Having worked on various projects within the space from moderating, consulting and dev work they decided to create a platform which could benefit all those within the NFT crypto community. The result is Wendrop, we hope you like it and look forward to meeting you in our discord or in one of our many Twitterspaces.

Thanks for
stopping by feel
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